Center for Iran Analysis

"Center for Iran Analysis", Centia, was founded as the "Society for Democracy in Iran", 3/3-2007 by Iranian and Swedish youths with experience from different Swedish political parties and from political studies. In May 2014 the organisation changed its name to the "Center for Iran Analysis". CENTIA is politically and religiously neutral, and consists of members with different political views. What unites us is a vision to liberate, democratize and modernize Iran which since 1979 has been the victim of terror and oppression by the Islamic Republic.


The center's primary mission is to spread facts and based on scientifical researches reveal the Islamic Republic of Iran's goals, work and actions. This will take place in published reports, scientific articles, various campaigns and political articles and letters to different authorities.


We believe that there is a lack of an organization which in an efficient and scientific way can spread and reveal information about the regime in Iran and offer political and strategic analysis.


It is our hope that the "Center for Iran Analysis" can fill this gap!


Since the organization is seated in Sweden, our articles and so will be in Swedish. But do not hesitate to contact us with questions etc.


E-mail: info(at)


Phone: 0046-735-85 39 79